Mission and Ministry

‘Mission’ used to mean sending missionaries to teach or provide medical care and offer Christian faith in disadvantaged overseas countries – the Anglican Church still is involved with this type of mission work.  But there is also the aspect of today that Mission may be closer to home and in remote or disadvantaged corners of Australia.

Mission today may be parishioners exploring faith more deeply through a programme like Cursillo, the hospitality to seafarers in a busy port city like Fremantle, or connections through the Mothers’ Union to networks of Anglican women around Australia and across the world.

You are invited to explore the many dimensions of Anglican mission in the Diocese of Perth through the links below.

Anglican Board of Mission (ABM)

ABM wants to see people everywhere experience the wholeness of life God offers in Jesus Christ, and to this end support our Partners as they participate in God’s mission.

ABM is the national mission agency of the Anglican Church of Australia.

ABM seeks to bring love, hope and justice into the lives of others who are in need, in Australia and around the world. Many relief and development projects make this possible, in places from New Guinea and the Solomon Islands to the Philippines and East Africa.

Anglican Overseas Aid

Anglican Overseas Aid is an overseas relief and development agency of the Anglican Church of Australia. Our work is inspired by the gospel of Christ, with a vision for a peaceful, just and sustainable world for all.

 Bush Church Aid Society (BCA)

The Bush Church Aid Society shares the gospel, builds up the church, and cares for people all around Australia. According to ABS definitions, BCA Field Staff serve in regional and remote parts of Australia. Locals in these places are removed from cities, live in sparsely populated towns (sometimes as small as a few hundred people), and often don’t benefit from strong support networks of family and friends. Churches in these areas can struggle, ongoing fellowship can be hard to maintain, and encouragement can become a rarity.

The Reverend Robert Healy – wa@bushchurchaid.com.au

Church Missionary Society (CMS)

God of love,
whose will it is that everyone should be saved,
bless the Church Missionary Society
and all who have gone out in its fellowship
to preach, to teach and to heal.
Guard, guide and use them;
raise up more people in your worldwide Church
to pray and to work
to care and to understand,
to give to you and to go for you,
that your Church may grow, your will be done,
your kingdom come, and your glory be revealed;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
(A Prayer Book for Australia page 215)