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Diocese of Perth

The Anglican Diocese of Perth is a diocese within The Anglican Church of Australia. It is the Metropolitical See in the State of Western Australia. It holds strongly to the bonds of affection with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Anglican Consultative Council and the Instruments of Unity in our Communion.

The Diocese has embraced its Mission Plan 2008-2012 entitled ‘Daring to Live God’s Promises. At the 2012 diocesan Synod, the Mission Plan was extended for a further five years until the end of 2017.

Our Core Purpose, as outlined in the Mission Plan, is as follows:

  • We are a people called to worship God in Christ and by the power of the Spirit to share radical love with the world, building communities of hope, healing and transformation.
  • We seek to hold together the Ministry of Word and Sacrament, evangelical zeal embedded in prayer, pastoral care and social justice.

There are 110 parishes in the Diocese of Perth which, along with St George’s Cathedral, make a significant contribution to the life of the city.

A collaborative style of ministry is encouraged in the Diocese of Perth: Lay/clergy, women/men, old/young – a variety of people from different cultural, linguistic backgrounds seek to work in partnership, holding on to the dignity of each. Laity are encouraged to take on important roles in diocesan and parish life. The Diocese of Perth is at the forefront of providing opportunities for women, ordained and lay, to be fully involved at every level of leadership in the Church.

Since the 1990s, the number of new parishes in the Diocese has increased. These new area parishes are located within the growth corridors, both north and south of Perth.

There are some large parishes in Perth with congregations of about 300. The majority are pastoral sized churches of about 150 or less. There is a significant number of small churches that either have part-time stipendiary appointments, non-stipended appointments or who have begun to explore other creative forms of ministry.

In addition, there is a range of chaplaincy services, within hospitals, schools and prisons. There are Chaplains who also service the Anglican aged care and welfare agencies.

Anglican schools in Perth cover a wide range of fee structures. There is a developing model of placing parishes in association with the low fee school system.  We currently have 13 Anglican schools within the Diocese of Perth with others being planned.


The Anglican Church, which was the established religion in England, came to Australia in 1788 as the chaplaincy to the settlement at Sydney.

The subdivision of the Diocese of Australia began with the formation of the Diocese of Tasmania in 1842 followed by Newcastle, Melbourne and Adelaide in 1847.

The Diocese of Perth separated off from Adelaide in 1857, essentially covering the whole of Western Australia.  After the gold rush, three new Anglican dioceses were created in Western Australia; the Diocese of Bunbury was created in 1904, followed by the Diocese of North West Australia in 1910, and the Diocese of Kalgoorlie in 1914.  (The Diocese of Kalgoorlie was resumed back into the Diocese of Perth following the ratification by General Synod of ‘The Diocese of Kalgoorlie Return of Territory Statute 1972′ in 1973.)

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