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GFS – An Anglican Ministry is an organisation within the Anglican Church which seeks to minister to children, youth and their families.  Its Vision Statement gives a clear direction for the work undertaken in the name of GFS:-
‘To provide a vital ministry which will empower people to build a continuing relationship with Christ, to value themselves and one another, and to experience life within a faith community.’

GFS is passionate about Children’s Ministry and believe it has much to offer parishes and communities across Australia. If you want to ‘grow your Parish’, GFS is certainly an avenue which can assist with this.

Originally known as the Girls Friendly Society, GFS came to Australia from England in 1875 with the daughters of the new Governor to South Australia, the Ladies Jervois, and since that time has spread to all States in Australia, operating in 14 Anglican Dioceses.  A number of years ago, the Australian National Executive made the decision to change the name to GFS – An Anglican Ministry.  The reasoning for this was that the original name was deemed to be no longer a relevant or appropriate name in today’s society. The initials are retained as part of this revised name, as GFS is a world-wide family and we are members of that world community.

In recent years to accommodate both the boys and girls now attending groups in branches across Australia, the name Kids Plus+™ has begun to be used.

GFS can provide a Leadership team to run a Super Saturday.   This is a children’s outreach programme a great way to introduce KidsPlus+ or GFS to the Parish and Community.

A Field Worker is available to help start new groups and support existing groups. This includes programming, special events/activities, visiting groups on a regular basis and networking.

The Field Worker can be contacted Tuesday-Thursday through the GFS Perth Office (9202 1627 Office) where you can leave a message 24 hours a day.  More information is available on the GFS WA website –

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