Multicultural Ministries Commission

Established by the Diocesan Council, the purposes of the Multicultural Ministries Commission (MMC) are to:

Foster ways of expressing multicultural interactions in our daily living by:

  • encouraging the active and creative participation of the younger generation, by organising events which will appeal to them;
  • establishing an award, through competition among high school students, for the best multicultural model. The prize will be worthy of good efforts.
  • organising diocesan events, such as liturgical dramas, seminars, and other events, which will express our history, art, literature, poetry, music, dance, food and sports.

Encourage multicultural expressions in worship through:

  • liturgy and special occasion services, such as Pentecostal Sunday;
  • exchange of pulpits and/or congregations;
  • exchange of visits between metropolitan and rural congregations.
  • establishing an annual multicultural day in the church calendar.

Foster interfaith dialogues and encounters.

Give active support and strong backing to representatives of the Diocese at the Ministerial Multicultural Advisory Group of the Minister of Multicultural Interests is to celebrate and engage in the diversity of multicultural members of the Anglican Diocese of Perth.