Synod Membership

Synod Members include:

  • All Bishops and licensed clergy of the Diocese
  • The lay members of The Perth Diocesan Trustees
  • Designated office holders – eg Chancellor, Registrar, and Secretary of the Diocese
  • Two lay members from each parish
  • Representatives of bodies reporting to Synod
  • Up to ten lay members appointed by Diocesan Council
  • Up to five lay youth appointed by Diocesan Council.

Every Worshipping Community (ie Parish) elects two lay members of Synod and two Alternate at the Annual Meeting of parishioners.  Each Alternate serves as an alternate for one lay member of Synod, as determined at the time of the Alternate’s election or  appointment, in the event that the elected lay member of Synod is unable to attend Synod.  Lay members of Synod are elected for a 3-year term.

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