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Anglican Men’s Society

The Anglican Men’s Society is a fellowship of Christian men who accept the rule of life and seek to live out the Christian faith in brotherhood with each other.  The Anglican Men’s Society functions with clergy in the Ministry and Mission of the Church. It seeks to bring men to faith in Christ in fellowship of the Anglican Church. 

Its rule of life is, in the power of the Holy Spirit,  to pray to God every day,  to be a faithful communicant, and by Active Witness, Fellowship and Service to help forward the Kingdom of Christ.

 Its objects include:

To set forth the glory of God.
To promote a feeling of spiritual enthusiasm in its members.
To encourage its members to play an active part in the Ministry of the Church.
To encourage its members to undertake study in the faith and its application to the issues of everyday life.
To encourage its members to undertake acts of Christian service for the distressed, disadvantged or disabled.
To provide Christian fellowship within the Church.
To promote the work of the Church amongst her youth.
To encourage acts of mission by its members.
To promote Christian principles in the National and civic life of the community.
To be active in personal service for the Church and in involving others within the parish and beyond.

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