Clergy Development

As in every profession, the Church’s ordained leaders are committed to life-long learning.  In the Diocese of Perth, there are many opportunities for clergy to grow in their theological studies and their practice of ministry.  These range from one-off seminars with outstanding visiting scholars from overseas, to university courses taken at post-graduate level.

Every two years, all clergy of the Diocese are expected to attend a residential Clergy School. It features guest leaders of bible studies, expert theological input, and opportunities for workshops, ministry discussions and worship with colleagues.

In addition, those recently ordained as deacons or priests attend regular sessions to help them learn from their experience and integrate theology and ministry practice.  Parish clergy and chaplains meet monthly in local Deanery chapters to give and receive mutual encouragement and support in ministry.

All clergy of the Diocese of Perth are called to practice regular professional supervision and to be in spiritual direction.

Clergy Professional Ministry Supervision

The Diocese of Perth puts a high value on regular professional ministry supervision for clergy, and offers a cost subsidy to clergy who work with one of the supervisors on this list.

You can download the form for part reimbursement of the supervision costs at this link: Clergy Professional Supervision Claim Form

All of the supervisors have a wide range of expertise and professional accreditation, and offer both general and specialised opportunities for reflecting on the practice of ministry.

The following people are authorised supervisors for 2018

Clergy School

Clergy School happens once every two years.

Clergy Retreats

Three Clergy Retreats will be held in 2020.

2020 Clergy Retreat Program and Registration Form

2020 Clergy Retreat Combined Biographies

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