This page has been created to assist parishes find available grants from non-diocesan, external sources. It also provides advice on how to apply, administer and reconcile these grants.

This page does not address diocesan, internal grants. In this case, Policy 6.6 – Property Repairs and Maintenance Fund is applicable.


Grant applications require justification, such as a case for support, to establish why the funding is required. Different grant makers require different approaches but the application can include:

  • Demonstrate community support - provide evidence of community support for your project/group's work and demonstrate that others support your proposed project and will greatly benefit from the project.
  • Match up - show where the proposed project fits into the grant makers key priority areas. It is advisable to check the funders website and/or annual reports to identify priority funding areas. If you are still unsure call and speak to them about where your project might fit.
  • Tell a story - a case study illustrating the issue that the project will remedy.

The proposed project outline should be clearly defined, achievable, measurable and include:

  • Objectives - clearly defined aims of the project; what will the grant be used for and who will benefit.
  • Methodology - how the objectives are to be achieved.
  • Evaluation - how the success of the project will be measured. Some grant makers require only a final report outlining outcomes, whilst others require progress reports during the term of the project.
  • Budget - often a simple one page statement of income and expenses. Many grant makers allow organisations to claim the value of volunteer labour and other no-cost input as part of their contribution to the project, most often described as an *in-kind contribution.
  • Reconciliation - expenditure of the grant which matches the financial records. It is important to ensure records of all associated expenditure are kept as grant makers are subject to audits. A post project report including photos, may also be useful.

*In-kind contribution might include volunteer labour, administrative support, rent-free accommodation or donations/discounts of materials, or equipment. These contributions should be given a dollar value and included in your budget as part of your contribution to the project. They should not exceed more than 25% of the total budget. The Volunteering WA website has a calculator to assist calculating the monetary value of volunteer labour for the proposed project.

Further information is available on the Volunteering WA website.


The Perth Diocesan Trust (PDT) is the only legal entity able to sign legally binding documents, so all grant applications must be processed through the Diocesan Office.

Unless otherwise agreed, funds received will be held in a diocesan account, before being distributed to parishes.

A clearly identified parish project manager is required for each grant / project.


Parishes are encouraged to seek out grants. The following sources of information may assist:

Local Government

  • Grants are frequently available for community purposes from Local Government, including Heritage restorations for properties on Municipal Inventories.


Procedure for applying for Lottery West Grant:

  • Register your Parish on the Lotterywest website. You will be required to have access to your ABN to commence the online application.
  • Your grant application will need to cover the following:
    • Demonstrated community support – What is it the community needs? Provide evidence of how your project/group's work will support and benefit community needs.
    • What will the Grant enable you to do – How will the proposed funds be used and how will this assist the community?
    • What will be achieved with the grant – What will be the result of the grant?
    • What is an appropriate and realistic budget – What is the financial status without the grant and how will the grant will improve status.
    • Who else will be contributing – Are funds being contributed from other organizations or donations?
  • Before submitting your application to Lotterywest, please forward an email to the Diocesan Operations Manager Mr. Mike Brown - Alerting the Operations Manager will enable the PDT to exercise its responsibilities before a grant agreement is signed.
  • The process time varies and contact from Lotterywest will occur directly to Parish point of contact.
  • Ensure that your application is submitted well in advance of an event or project and prepare documents and financial reports before commencing application to assist with the process.
  • Lotterywest grants are available for:
    • Big Ideas
    • Community and workplace buildings
    • Community events
    • Community spaces outdoor
    • Emergency relief
    • Furniture and equipment
    • Heritage and conservation
    • IT and web
    • Projects

Heritage Council

  • new additions (free standing or attached to existing structures), new construction or repairs to structures that are not of heritage significance
  • demolition or removal of significant fabric without like-for-like replacement or without due cause
  • purchase of land or buildings, relocation of buildings or works to buildings relocated after the date of registration
  • tasks that have taken place or substantially commenced prior to grant award
  • insurance-related claims, including works that may be or have been claimed under an insurance policy, or reimbursement of insurance excess
  • general heritage maintenance (not heritage specific i.e. general cleaning, pruning)
  • projects already underway or completed (no retrospective funding)
  • works that are the subject of an order imposed by local government, or required under a Heritage Agreement
  • educational or promotional activities, including interpretation
  • administrative costs of the applicant


Tax Deductibility for Heritage Church Restorations

If a church is state heritage listed, fundraising for restorations can be tax deductible.   Refer to the following website for further information: 


The Diocesan Opertations Manager is available to assist parishes with grant applications.
Mike Brown | | 08 9425 7200

The Diocesan Property Services Manager is to be engaged in any building related projects. 
Kirsten Rhoades | | 08 9425 7200