The Lord’s Prayer in Noongar

Ngaala Maaman ngiyan yira moonbooli
moodlooga. Kooranyi nooak korl.
Noonak waangk yoowarl koorl, birdiyar
ngaala boodja noonook waarn noonak
kooranyi kaalak. Nyinyak ngaalang nidja kedela
ngaala wara waarniny.
Ngaalak nyinya nyinyak baalang ngiyan
waarn wara ngaalang.
Yoowart koorl ngaalang moort-moort djooroot.
Maaman maar barang ngaalang,
djenak yoowart barang ngaalang.
Noonak waangk birdiyar.
Noonak moorditj, noonook ngaangk yira.
Kalyokool, kalyokool. Kaya.


Our Father who is above and beyond everything.
Holy and sacred is your name.
Your word will come here and be boss
on our ground as you do in your holy and sacred home.
Give us this day our bread.
Forgive us our bad doings.
We forgive them who do bad to us. 
Don't take us to the struggling path.
Father hold us so the devil doesn't get us.
Your word is boss.
You are strong.
You are the rising sun.
Forever and forever. Amen