Who are we

We are people called to worship God in Christ and by the power of the Spirit build communities of hope, healing and transformation.

The Diocese of Perth is a diocese within The Anglican Church of Australia. It is the Metropolitical See in the State of Western Australia. It holds strongly to the bonds of affection with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Anglican Consultative Council and the Lambeth Conference (convened every ten years) which is commonly called the Instruments of Unity in our Communion.

The 2020 Mission Planning Process begins . . .

Help us look to the future. Planning for the 2020-2025 Mission Plan has commenced and we are seeking your input.

Visit missionplan.com.au to get involved.

Please pray for all who are involved in leading the mission planning process for the Diocese in this new season of our life together.

Come, Holy Spirit!
Give us new confidence in your grace,
new words for the mission we share,
new strength to go where you send us,
new spring in our step, as we set out
to spread our faith in changing times,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The vision of the Diocese is:

  • glorifying God, transforming people and renewing creation
  • accessible, comprehensive and expressive of the diversity of our society
  • a focus of hope borne out of our rich and unique landscapes and human history
  • courageous, visionary, vibrant, risk-taking and meaningful in people’s lives
  • working cooperatively within, as well as with government, the wider community and other faiths, where consistent with our core beliefs and principles
  • a prophetic voice confronting injustice
  • Trinitarian, radically Christ-like and rediscovering the Gospel as public truth

A collaborative style of ministry is encouraged in the Diocese of Perth:

  • Lay, clergy, women, men, old, young – a variety of people from different cultural, linguistic backgrounds seek to work in partnership, holding on to the dignity of each.
  • Laity are encouraged to take on important roles in diocesan and parish life.
  • The Diocese of Perth is at the forefront of providing opportunities for women, ordained and lay, to be fully involved at every level of leadership in the church.

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