Province of WA

The Anglican Church of Australia is divided into five ecclesiastical Provinces, and one extra-provincial diocese (Tasmania).

The Province of Western Australia consists of the following dioceses:

The Constitution of the Anglican Church of Australia prescribes that there “shall be a Metropolitan (to be called Archbishop) of each province of this Church”.  The Bishop of the Diocese of Perth, therefore, is a Metropolitan and has the title Archbishop.

The Province of Western Australia has its own Constitution, which allows inter alia for the establishment of a Provincial Council and outlines the process for appointing the Metropolitan.

Provincial Council generally meets twice per year (March & September).


The Province of Western Australia was established on 11 August 1914 when the then Primate signed the relevant papers.  At that time, the Province of Western Australia consisted of the Dioceses of Perth, Bunbury, North West Australia and Kalgoorlie; the Diocese of Kalgoorlie having come into existence earlier that year.

With the third see, Western Australia became a Church of England province with Bishop Riley becoming its metropolitan and archbishop.