Being an Anglican

Anglicans ideally follow a distinctive pattern in which the gift of God in Jesus Christ is, by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, embodied in worship, wisdom and service in an historical continuity of contextually sensitive mission.

Anglicans today maintain some core beliefs and practices.

We believe in a Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – as proclaimed in the creeds of the undivided church, and as attested and affirmed in our Thirty Nine Articles of religion.

We proclaim God’s love in word (the Bible) and sacrament (Holy Baptism and Holy Communion). 
We offer worship and mission with all the baptised, and with the three-fold (ordained) ministry of Bishops, Priests and Deacons.  In Perth, as in many other Dioceses, both women and men may be ordained to all three orders.

Anglicans attempt to be both ‘Catholic and Reformed,’ to tread a middle way between what it characterised (in the 16th century, with all the unfairness of all caricature) as the ‘extremes of Rome or Geneva.’ Anglicans traditionally look to a three-fold prism for understanding Christian faith: Scripture, Tradition and Reason.  We read Holy Scriptures attentively, finding in them witness to the actions of God in God’s dealings with the world, chiefly in the person of Jesus.  We understand these scriptures through what has been thought, written and said about them throughout the history of the Church, and in light of contemporary study of them.  And, given that God has commanded that we love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength (that is, with all that we are), we attempt to use God’s gift of ‘reason’ to understand how God continues to act, through the Holy Spirit, in God’s world today.

One last point.  Henry VIII desired that the Church of England be the expression of Christian faith for all the people of England.  Therefore, Anglicans remain committed to ‘being there’ for everyone in the communities in which it is set.  Though we may no longer share Henry’s imperial ambition, Anglicans still have a sense that God has called us to be present in a particular place, so we minister to and welcome any and all, and work to be caring contributors to any society in which we live.  We pray for all the world, and especially for our local community, and show that by our loving service.