Church Safe

Church Safe workshops are now organised for 2017. They incorporate the new approach to training initiatives and the introduction of protective behaviours education.

Session content will include the issue of abuse as it relates to Churches, grooming, prevent, detection and empowering children and vulnerable people.

Attendance at one session is compulsory for all Clergy who hold the Archbishop’s license or have a PTO.

All others who must attend are:

  1. Perth Diocesan Trustees members
  2. Diocesan Council members
  3. Parish Wardens
  4. Parish Councillors (incl. Secretary and Treasurer)
  5. Synod Representatives
  6. Lay Pastoral Ministers
  7. Those who support and monitor known sex offenders
  8. Leader of a prayer group
  9. Leader of a bible study group
  10. Readers
  11. Musical Director / Choir Leaders and Choir Members (only if there are children in the choir)
  12. Youth leader or worker
  13. Sunday School teacher and all those involved with children’s activities and creche workers
  14. Leader of Ministry team
  15. Liturgical Assistant
  16. Organiser of hospitality and catering
  17. Welcomers
  18. Co-ordinator of volunteers at a working bee, etc.

Sessions will be held on Saturday or Sunday afternoons for a duration of 4 hours inclusive of a tea break.

You can see the current workshops available in our Events section and register online. You will need to click on the numbers at the bottom of the page to scroll through the events listed. 

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