Digital Ministry:
'What does real
presence mean?

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Digital Ministry: 'What does real presence mean?

Join ACYMC as we explore what digital ministry might mean for us as we engage with people of all ages.

About Digital Ministry (via Zoom)

The '20s has so far been a decade that we never expected. For as long as I can remember, scientists have warned us that the next 'big virus' is coming, although I think we never expected how much impact it would have on our lives.

Within many people of our communities, isolation became the enforced norm with a surprising level of acceptance. People began to gather via digital methods, and Churches started broadcasting their services.

As vaccines begin to roll out and normality seems to be beginning to break on the horizon, we face the real questions of whether we put the digital technology aside or do we keep it as part of our outreach to the fringes of our parishes.

Can ministry to people really be done via the digital device, or do we need to be physically present?

On Tuesday the 20th of April, we will explore these real questions and ask questions with Dr Sam Wells, who has recently published some articles and lectures on Digital Ministry.

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