Book Review:
Light from Within

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Book Review: Light from Within

by Shirley Claughton

LIGHT FROM WITHIN, Garratt Lenten Program Year A by Maeve Louise Heaney $9.95

This brand-new full colour 34-page booklet follows the Lectionary readings, starting on Ash Wednesday (26 February) continuing with five weekly studies and the sixth week for Palm Sunday and Holy Week.

The publication is always ecumenical, always spiritual and should work well for a Parish Lenten group study. The scripture readings (from the Lectionary) are included, together with a wealth of resources including reflections, prayers and a time for sharing.

We are introduced to different ways of praying, including the Examen (the concept of reflecting with gratefulness) Lectio Divina, Praying through song, and Imaginative Contemplation. The author, Maeve Louise Heney is a consecrated member of a young Catholic community. She has a doctorate in theology on Music as Theology. An accomplished musician and composer it is pleasing that four of her new songs have been included in a CD which can also be purchased from St Johns Books to complement this book (CD is $11.00).

An exercise ‘Prayer Alone’ puts it this way: ‘Praying the psalms alone can be a wonderful way to begin praying, to find our voice when prayer is less spontaneous. In the past, monks would walk slowly around a cloister as they read aloud...the rhythm of their poetic phrases marked by our gentle walking can help us bring our body into rhythm with our mind and soul’.

Another example is in ‘Prayer as a Group’, ‘Praying the psalms as a group can be a wonderful way of allowing the words and prayers of those who have gone before us express needs…read the psalm slowly together, in one voice or taking turns in two groups or ‘choirs’ as they do in monasteries’.

The weekly reflections are intelligent, interpretative and relevant, the exercises are creative and there is an added bonus of the availability of the music and the user-friendliness and minimal cost of the booklet.

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