Book review:
Tortured for Christ

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Book review: Tortured for Christ

by The Rt Revd Dr Peter Brain

Tortured for Christ, Richard Wurmbrand.
Published by David Cook (139 pages)

Over 50 years ago Richard Wurmbrand visited Australia and told his story of imprisonment in Rumania under Communist rule. His book became a best seller that encouraged and challenged Christians in the West. Encouraged as we marvelled and thanked God for the faithfulness of Christians in prison and for their bravery as they continued to worship and confess Christ as Lord.

We were challenged as to the vitality and conviction of our own stand for Christ. A few weeks ago I found an old second-hand copy and have re-read it to my great profit. I was overjoyed to learn that it is still available in paperback, and am convinced that we who are facing opposition, not from communism but secular humanism, will find steel to strengthen our hearts, love for those who oppose the Lord Jesus and confidence to share the gospel through reading Pastor Wurmbrand’s testimony to God’s unfailing faithfulness.

Available from St John's Bookstore, Fremantle

Published in Messenger, December 2019

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