Book Review:
Word Made Flesh

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Book Review: Word Made Flesh

by Shirley Claughton

A great opportunity to obtain what is often referred to as the best introduction to mediation.

John Main is considered one of the greatest spiritual teachers of last century as he restored something which had been lost to most of the Church. This was the ancient way of Christian meditation, gaining focus and setting aside thoughts and distractions. He saw meditation as the supremely incarnate way of prayer, taking the person as a whole into wholeness, into a harmony of body, mind and spirit.

This book is a collection of his talks, twenty in all and it is useful to remember that they were first delivered to people sitting in readiness for meditation. Laurence Freeman OSB introduces the twenty talks with a superb introductory essay which ably describes John Main’s approach.

It is Lawrence Freeman who followed in the late John Main’s footsteps and who has links to Perth and Fremantle where he has visited many times, conducting workshops and talks.

This book is a starting point, an excellent introduction to meditation, equally suitable for an individual or a group. Whilst many meditations will be conducted in a group situation; these talks can be useful for an individual to start each session. The chapters cover all the questions one might have about meditation and can be summarised in his main teachings which are silence, stillness and simplicity. To meditate one has to learn to be silent and not to be afraid of silence.

Published in Messenger, December 2019

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