Sustainable September

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Sustainable September

by The Revd Rae Reinertsen | St George’s Cathedral Pastor

Sustainable September is a month-long exploration of sustainability at St George’s Cathedral.

It is hoped during the month of September, to focus on a message of sustainability of our earth resources and how we can better care for God’s creation. St George's Cathedral will celebrate a different theme each week during our worship services.

Out of the window of my office, since the building projects around the Cathedral have been completed, we now have gardens and reticulation which are efforts to redeem the previous sandy environment and preservation of water.

To enhance our contribution to sustainability, the Cathedral, has installed LED lighting which is more efficient, brighter, last longer, cost less, energy sufficient, and eco-friendly. There are also bins to recycle batteries, regular dry rubbish and bins for used cartridges.

At our Families Connect Service in September, we are going to highlight God’s Creation theme.

There are two parents who have contributed to this article and who attend Families connect regularly. One of the parents said, 'Christians believe that God created the world so by extension, respecting the world, shows respect to God and that we humans should be good stewards of the earth. ‘You shall not pollute the land in which you live…you shall not defile the land in which you live in the midst of which I dwell, for I the Lord dwell in the midst of the people’ (Numbers 35:33-34).'

Both parents have contributed ideas for craft activities; for example, making a cardboard footprint, and by labelling things they we can do to reduce their footprint on the world.

One of the children, is going to share with the group about some of his thoughts of sustainability that he has been talking about recently with his parents and showing a keen interest. He asked the question: Why doesn’t God intervene and turn things around? His mother explained, 'that God gave us the ability to look after the earth and respect it and in doing so, it expresses our love for God.'

I am hoping all this will impress on all who attend how to make a difference, decreasing our footprint in the future and the importance of looking after the earth, by preserving water, planting trees and recycling.

To promote this important message, four children from Families Connect, have illustrated the theme Sustainable September by painting their impressions of what they perceive should be done to make the environment more sustainable in future.

Published in Messenger, September 2019.

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