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How many young
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How many young people do we have?

by Mark Davis | Team Leader Anglican Children and Youth Ministries

Over the past two years of journeying around the Diocese, the one question that I'm asked more than any other is 'How many young people do we have?'

I'm never sure of the motivation behind the question. For some people, you can sense a real interest in the overall health of the Diocese. For others, they may be asking so that they can judge how well they are doing in their congregations.

No matter the reason for asking! What surprises people is, not only do we have young people, but that they are quite well spread throughout the Diocese in small pockets of life and not just linked to specific expected locations.

To help grow these small pockets, ACYM is launching a new event called Gather. As the meaning of the word suggests, Gather will bring together and take in from scattered places or sources.

The hope we have is that not only will we create a nurturing space where a young person's faith will be encouraged. But that over the young people will feel equipped to replicate the event in locations closer to their areas.

The structure of Gather will be slightly different from other youth events where young people attend sing, listen and go! At Gather, we want people to mix and talk with each other. To have a chance to discuss and reflect upon what they had heard and importantly to have the opportunity to ask the speaker questions or to explain what they meant when they said what they did.

For the first Gather 2019 we want to continue a conversation that we started at this year's Youth Synod. There's an increasing number of people who are interested in spirituality but not interested in religion.

At this Gather, we want to learn ways sensibly to share who Jesus is with the people we go to school, uni, or work alongside. We want to use the time at Gather to share and encourage each other no matter what background you're from. We want to Gather to be a space where everyone is welcome and feels valued.

Like all good young events, there will be food and of course lots of fun. If you want any more information, please get in touch with the ACYM office where we will be more than happy to answer any other questions.

Published in Messenger, October 2019

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