The parish is a significant organising unit of an Anglican Diocese. It covers a defined geographical territory, and usually has one or more church buildings in which worship is conducted. As part of our Anglican heritage, a parish has a spiritual responsibility towards everyone who lives or works within its neighbourhood, although in the 21st century people often travel across parish boundaries to the particular place where they find their sense of belonging.

In the Diocese of Perth, some parishes are the size of a few inner-city blocks, while others, in remote and rural areas, are the size of small European countries. Responding to new circumstances, a parish or ‘worshipping community’ may have a non-geographical identity, such as the Sudanese Worshipping Community which gathers at Holy Trinity Malaga. Close ecumenical ties make cooperating parishes possible, such as St Peter and Emmaus, Mt Hawthorn, a combined Anglican-Uniting Church parish.

Parishes are led by a Council of elected and appointed members, who share with the ordained leaders in shaping the mission of the local church community.


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