Good News Project

At the Synod 2014 the following motion was moved.


That this Synod:

  1. Affirms and supports the Good News Project as a diocesan-wide initiative to help refocus the Diocesan Mission Plan Daring to Live God’s Promises as we recognise and celebrate the strengths of the diocese;
  2. Encourages all parishioners, parish communities, clergy, schools and agencies to share their Good News stories and creative ideas for ministry as they engage with the Good News Project during the next 12 months and as we as a diocese reflect on the Mission Plan and seek creative ways to engage with the wider community as God’s people;
  3. Requests Diocesan Council to appoint a task force and find ways to resource it to help implement the Good News Project and equip Worshipping Communities with the skills and resources needed to continue Daring to Live God’s Promises as we fulfil our mission imperatives in the short, medium and long term; and
  4. Requests the Task Force to report the outcome of the Good News Project to Synod 2015 which will include information about specific:
    1. Diocesan ministry initiatives for the short, medium and long term;
    2. Agency and school joint-venture initiatives with Worshipping Communities as an outworking of our Mission Plan in the short, medium and long term; and
    3. Local short, medium and long term initiatives that will build vital Worshipping Communities, whether they be existing or new, developing or re-developing.


The Project furthered the work of the Mission Plan – Daring to Live God’s Promises which has guided the Diocese of Perth since 2008.

The first Good News Café was held at the 2014 Synod. Archbishop Roger Herft invited delegates to bring good news stories and ‘to expect to be surprised by the Holy Spirit’ as they discovered ‘new ways of creatively listening and telling the good news.’

Bishops Tom, Kay and Jeremy led the group work session which asked participants to respond to three questions:

  • What is the good news to me?
  • Where do I see the good news in my parish or affiliated agency?
  • What is happening that I’d like to give thanks for?

Synod delegates enthusiastically addressed the questions and recorded responses. The response was significant with over 720 individual entries recorded. The resulting group worksheets were displayed for all representatives to view throughout Synod. The Good News Project was subsequently approved by Diocesan Council and a Good News Project Task Force was established.

Throughout 2015 the Good News Project operated nine Good News Cafés throughout the diocese. Each of the Episcopal Oversight areas of the Diocese held three cafés running from February 2015 until April 2015. The cafés included a range of exciting speakers and were led by the Assistant Bishop with oversight for that area.

There was a theme for each round of cafés including:

Good News Project Cafés #1 – Reflect | Recognise | Celebrate
Good News Project Cafés #2 – Align | Build
Good News Project Cafés #3 – Partner | Liberate

Participants were provided the opportunity to share the good news happening in their parish/agency/school. They also discussed how they could strengthen the good news and a good news action they could commit to commencing and reporting on at the next workshop. 

A website was created and a section available in the Anglican Messenger where people could share their good news stories.

You can download the Values Book that was created from the three Diocesan Office Good News Cafés at the below link.

Diocesan Office Values Book
PDF | Flipbook

You can view some images below taken at various cafés.