Enquirers Programme - a year of Discernment

The Enquirers Programme is a series of meetings with the Archbishop’s Examining Chaplains and others to help those who think God may be calling them to become deacons or priests.  The aim of the program is to help the Enquirers to discover what is going on in their own lives, and in the Church’s life, and where God is calling them to serve.

The Enquirers programme is typically made up of ten sessions and covers topics including:

  • Personal and relation readiness
  • Spiritual direction
  • Missional readiness
  • Leadership readiness
  • Ecclesial readiness
  • Vocational readiness
  • Intellectual readiness
  • Psychological readiness
  • Ministries other than the ordained?

The first point of contact for the Enquirers Programme, after consulting with your parish priest or school chaplain, is the Chair of the Examining Chaplains who will arrange for you to be interviewed.

The Chair may be contacted through Wollaston Theological College, vocations@perth.anglican.org or 9425 7272.