Listening to Luke

A resource for Advent Year C

listening-to-lukeOn 1 October 2015, Wollaston Theological College in the Anglican Diocese of Perth will release its third Advent Bible study resource,Listening to Luke (following in the same series as Reimagining Matthew and Proclaiming Mark).

Listening to Luke which consists of twelve Bible studies, serves two purposes in regards to a reading of Luke’s Gospel in Year C.  One is to offer Bible studies upon the readings set for Eucharist for the four Sundays of Advent and Christmas Day.  The other is to be a Bible study guide to an eclectic selection of seven other readings from Luke’s Gospel (prescribed Eucharist readings from others Sundays in Year C) so that the resource might also function as a general Introduction to Luke’s Gospel.

Like the earlier two books in the series, Listening to Luke provides an accessible and fresh look at the distinctive voice of a particular gospel writer: this time around Luke. Luke writes in an evocative and ‘visual’ style.  Tradition often believes Luke to be a writer of icons or a painter. Many sections of the Gospel that are unique to Luke are vivid and memorable—The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son, the Road to Emmaus, to name a few.

The purchase price of the book is $20, or $15 for 10 or more copies.

Orders can be made by phoning Victoria McDowell at Wollaston Theological College on 9286 0270.

The Gospel According to Luke

The Gospel of Luke is written by an evocative and accomplished story teller.  Episodes which are unique to Luke are often well-known favourites of the Church.  The Gospel of Luke contains unique emphases that make this Gospel stand out from the others.  The themes which are particularly strong in Luke’s Gospel include: the bringing to fulfilment the plans and the purposes of God; the catalytic effect of the people’s prayers in bringing about the revolutionary advance of God’s kingdom; the prominent place of women alongside men in prophetic ministry and witness; the fiscal consequences of the demands of the kingdom of God—a fair sharing of the resources, and the flow of wealth from those who have much to those who have little; the bold drawing of the distinctiveness of the kingdom of God in contrast to Roman Empire.

Below we have listed the readings which are examined in Listening to Luke and the writer of the Bible study. And you can also download the pdf at this link.

Advent I
Luke 21:25-38 (The Coming of the Son of Man, The Lesson of the Fig Tree, Exhortation to Watch)
The Reverend Thom Bull

Advent II 
Luke 3:1-6 (The Proclamation of John the Baptist)
The Reverend Dr Steven Daly

Advent III 
Luke 3:7-18 (Belonging, Behaving, Believing: The Teaching of John the Baptist)
The Reverend Dr Elizabeth Smith

Advent IV 
Luke1:39-45 (46-55) (The Visitation—Mary Visits Elizabeth)
The Reverend Gill Rookyard

Luke 2:1-20 (The Birth of Jesus)
The Reverend Peter Boyland

The 3rd and 4th Sunday after Epiphany 
Luke 4:14-20, 21-30 (Subverting the Status-Quo)
The Reverend Ryan Green

The 4th Sunday in Lent 
Luke 15:11-32 (The Father with Two Lost Sons)
The Reverend Dr David Wood

Easter Day
Luke 24:1-12 (13-34) (The Resurrection of Jesus, and The Walk to Emmaus)
The Reverend Dr Gregory Seach

Ordinary 11
Luke 7 : 36-8:3 (Jesus and the Women around Him)
The Reverend Canon Dr John Dunnill

Ordinary 15 and 16 
Luke 10:25-37, 38-42 (Go and Do, Sit and Listen)
The Reverend Ben Underwood

Ordinary 25 and 26 
Luke 16:1-13, 19-31 (The Parable of the Shrewd Loan Shark, and The Rich Man and Lazarus)
The Reverend Ros Fairless

Ordinary 31 
Luke 19:1-10 (Jesus and Zacchaeus); and Luke 19:11-27 (The Parable of the Throne Claimant and the One Who Defied Him)
The Reverend Dean Spalding