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Chaplaincy: Defence Forces

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) chaplain is a `missionary’ sent out from the Church to minister in the name of Jesus wherever and whenever opportunities arise. It can be an adventurous ministry testing the chaplain’s spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical resources. The chaplain aims to be a bridge between both individuals and Jesus, and the Anglican Church and the enveloping society.

This chaplaincy is a ministry encompassing sacramental, pastoral, evangelistic, vocational, instructional and administrative duties, in which the chaplain lives with and shares the hardships and privileges of uniformed people posted around the country and abroad.

Anglican Defence Force Chaplaincy
is a vital work among the nation’s youth, a significant national ministry, and an important outreach to Australia’s regional neighbours.


Army Reserve

The Reverend Brad Galvin



Navy Reserve



The Reverend Tom Killingbeck

RAAF Reserve
The Reverend Jean-Pierre Schroeder