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Christian Purposes Day Sermon

Anglican Schools Commission
Christian Purposes Day
HBF Stadium, Mt Claremont
Monday 30 April 2018

Borders and Margins

When I was a school child borders and margins mattered. In all sorts of ways. In primary school it was colouring inside the lines. What some might now see as inhibiting and unhelpful and perhaps even lacking in understanding about the development of our fine motor skills. I remember the struggle and the achievement.

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Archbishop’s Easter Day Sermon

Easter Day
St George’s Cathedral
Sunday 1 April 2018
Acts 10:34-43 Mark 16:1-8

In a 2011 article the world-renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, was reported as saying that heaven is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark. It created something of a storm in certain quarters. In a survey taken last year it was revealed that about 72% of Australian’s are afraid of the dark. I suspect that most of us are afraid of something, real or imagined, whether it is the dark or something else entirely. Fear is alive and well for many, many people in our communities.

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