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Priest: Parish of Swanbourne-Mt Claremont

The Church of Resurrection, Swanbourne is seeking a parish priest at 0.5 stipend.

We are an Anglo-Catholic parish whose worship and teaching follows a contemporary rather than traditionalist ritualist approach. We value preaching that regards the Scriptures as generally a faithful witness to God while having respect for critical scholarship, and which seeks to understand the challenges of being a Christian in a post-Christian society. The focus of our worship of God-in-Christ is the Mass, where we seek to be thankful for the real presence of Christ in this holy sacrament.

Our Mass takes place in a modern, award-winning church, which provides a light-filled space in which many parishioners experience the beauty of God. There is one Sunday Mass at 9am. Each month there are three Sung Masses involving the choir and the congregation, and one Choral Mass with the setting sung only by the choir. The choir is a semi-professional group of young singers whose ministry is highly valued by us.

We are a middle-aged to elderly community of Anglicans mature in the faith, with a welcoming community life frequently commented upon by visitors, which also involves concerts and parish dinners. We have a concern to connect with the community around us as a church and, until lack of staff required us to withdraw, we had an active pastoral and sacramental ministry to various community homes in the parish.

Further information and expressions of interest please contact:

Bishop Jeremy James tssf | | 9425 7200

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Church of the Resurrection, Swanbourne

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Church of the Resurrection, Swanbourne

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