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Rector, Parish of Beaconsfield

The Anglican Parish of St Paul, Beaconsfield has a vacancy for its next Rector.

St Paul’s worship centre is located in the southern part of the City of Fremantle, within walking distance of the city centre and the Indian Ocean. There is a rectory on-site and a number of parishioners live on-site in surrounding residences, and meet both formally and informally.

We believe in being an inclusive congregation which celebrates and affirms every person and does not discriminate but extends a welcome to all. We welcome and serve people in the name of Jesus Christ in a way which proclaims the Gospel afresh for each generation.

Our regular Sunday worship attendance is about 80 people from the spectrum of the Anglican Tradition, united by a strong sense of community, contemplation and commitment to action in the wider world, both locally and internationally.

The parish has a number of regular smaller meetings, generally with lay leadership; for worship, meditation and social support. A number of our members are engaged in pastoral care in the local community. We have a recent history of interfaith dialogue at the local level.

We have a relatively small number of children and wish to affirm their importance and increase the parish’s commitment to children’s ministry within and outside the church community.

We are seeking a Rector who will:

  • Identify, encourage and release our potential to use all our gifts in service to God, focusing especially on those who are marginalised, homeless, refugees or living in poverty both locally and worldwide;
  • Work collaboratively with our lay leadership;
  • Inspire, teach and develop lay ministry;
  • Nurture what we are already doing and develop new things. We are open to change!

A Nomination Board consisting of senior clergy and parish nominators has commenced meeting however it is subject to strict protocols, including confidentiality, and all requests for information on eligibility, the nomination process, or expressions of interest, should be addressed to:

Bishop Kate Wilmot

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