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Rector: Parish of Fremantle

The Anglican Parish of Fremantle in Western Australia is seeking applications for the position of Rector for its two centres.

St John’s is in the Liberal Catholic tradition, seeking an experienced Rector at a time of new opportunity for this long-standing community of faith.

Fremantle is an historic port city of world heritage standing and the heritage listed St John’s Church occupies the city square alongside the newly rebuilt Civic Centre.

The church grounds represent the premier community open space in the city and as such St John’s plays an important role in the life of the city beyond the ecclesiastical.

Fremantle is a university town and an education hub, which opens up opportunities for youth ministry. There is already a vibrant music culture within the Church, which includes a community choir as part of its outreach programme.

Re-establishing the relevance of the church in the community and building new and effective partnerships for growth will be the challenge for any new Rector.

A modern and spacious rectory is within walking distance of the church. The Rector will be supported by honorary and retired clergy living locally.

Further enquiries to:
Bishop Kate Wilmot

St John the Evangelist, Fremantle

Located right in the heart of Fremantle, St John’s is a progressive Anglican - Anglo-Catholic parish that welcomes all. Join us!

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