Rector, St Mary's West Perth

Vacancy: Rector,
St Mary's West Perth

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Vacancy: Rector at Parish of St Mary's West Perth

We are looking for a new full-time rector who has a humble, hardworking and sincere God calling desire to lead a vibrant, multicultural and multigenerational church.

We are looking towards a Gospel-focused priest who is keen and active in connecting parishioners with the Word of God and equipping us to make more disciples for Jesus Christ.

Although the majority of our parishioners are Chinese and some with limited literacy in English, we are open to non-Chinese-speaking God loving leaders who have interests in discipling and leading a mixed Asian and non-Asian congregation. We are a family-oriented congregation, with a significant number of young adults, looking to a priest who shares this focus.

We seek a new leader to go on a journey with us to help light up our multicultural church to attract the lost souls of West Perth and surrounding suburbs, and revive our church to shine even brighter with the help of more parishioners.

We have a popular Mainly Music program that currently attracts a large group of Japanese mums and their young children.

While we are a gathered congregation living in different metropolitan suburbs we are committed to outreach within West Perth and its surrounds.

Expressions of Interest and enquiries should be directed to Bishop Kate Wilmot at

Parish of West Perth

St Mary, West Perth

At our Anglican church in west Perth, St Mary's we are involved in local and international mission work. Offering English Mandarin bilingual services.

St Mary, West Perth