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Library of Daily Readings and Reflections

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Wednesday 27 April
by Peter Manual
Rector of Subiaco

Tuesday 26 April
by Onesimo Yugusuk, Archdeacon of the Sudanese Ministry

Monday 25 April
by Elizabeth Smith, Mission Priest, Parish of Goldfields

Sunday 24 May
by Nick Russell, Christ Church Grammar School Chaplain

Saturday 23 May
by Chris Chataway, Dean of St George's Cathedral

Friday 22 May
by Richard Minol, Priest at St Luke, Maddington

Thursday 21 May
by Peter Boyland
Rector of Claremont

Wednesday 20 April
by Mandy Herriman, Deacon of
Kingsley-North Woodvale

Tuesday 19 May
by Fr Chris Bedding
Parish of Darlington-Bellevue

Monday 18 May
by Bruce Hyde
Rector of Bull Creek-Leeming

Saturday 17 May
by Peggy Ludlow
Rector of Toodyay-Goomalling

Saturday 16 May
by Des Smit
Rector of Whitfords

Friday 15 May
by Katrina Holgate
Rector at Guildford

Thursday 14 May
by Galal Bashir
Rector of Balcatta-Hammersley

Wednesday 13 May
by John Ward
Rector of Kalamunda

Tuesday 12 May
by Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy

Monday 11 May
by Tony Drayton, Archdeacon

Sunday 10 May
by Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy

Saturday 9th May 2020
by Jeremy James,
Assistant Bishop of Perth

Friday 8 May 2020
by Peter Smith,
Rector of Dalkeith

Thursday 7 May 2020
by Kathy Barrett-Lennard,
Rural Archdeacon