Easter Messages 2017

Nobody could have been more surprised by Jesus’ resurrection than his loyal disciples, who saw him die, took charge of his dead body and stowed it hastily in a tomb.  Their first reaction when they see that the body is vanished and later that Jesus is standing alive in front of them is stunned surprise.

This is how God breaks in to our lives, then and now.  The God we believe in comes to us when we least expect and enters into a world that we think we know a lot about.

But God’s coming, the resurrection of Jesus is always Good News for the disciples and for all of us, even if we are sometimes a bit stunned when God comes close to us.

May your Easter be full of a surprise encounter with the risen Jesus who changes our past, our present and our future.

+ Kate Wilmot

 To the shaken and fearful disciples Jesus stood with them and says, Peace be with you’. To those suffering and persecuted today for their faith Jesus says, ‘Peace be with you’. To the nations of the world, confused and longing for security, Jesus says ‘Peace be with you’. To refugees, far from home and journeying into the unknown, Jesus says ‘Peace be with you’. To all, Jesus says, I bring Life and Hope out of death and despair. ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’.

+ Jeremy James

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