New Parish Office
Bearers' Training

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New Parish Office Bearers' Training

Parish Wardens and Treasurers are invited to attend New Parish Office Bearers' Training to assist in their work and responsibilities.

Date: Saturday, 29 August 2020

Time: 8:30am start

Where: Wollaston Conference Centre

The purpose of the session is to provide newly elected Parish Office Bearers an overview of Diocesan statutes, policies and procedures as they relate to Parish Office Bearers. In particular, it will provide guidance of where to find information and who to approach for assistance. This training session is not designed for those who have been in the role for a while and have attended previous Parish Office Bearer Training, as it will repeat a lot of information already provided.

Please register online

For more information or for assistance to register, please contact Lee-Ann Bok, E: T: 9425 7272

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Wollaston Conference Centre

Set in natural bushland, Wollaston Conference Centre provides a refreshing alternative to conventional conference venues or hotels.

Wollaston Conference Centre

Parish Office Bearers

In this section you will find Statutes & Canons, Policies, Forms and Resources applicable to Parish Office Bearers.

Parish Office Bearers

Parish Office Bearers' Training

The diocese runs regular Parish Office Bearers' Training seminars to assist people in carrying out their roles and responsibilities.

Parish Office Bearers' Training

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