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Spirituality Elective Unit

In this elective unit, Dr Nancy Ault traces a brief history of the Christian spiritual tradition.

Commencing with the early church, followed by the beginnings of monasticism, students will gain a fuller understanding of the depth of these ancient traditions.

Dr Ault will lead students through a number of extant spiritual traditions, including Mendicant orders, Ignatian spirituality, and Carmelite spirituality. There is a particular focus on spirituality in the Anglican tradition, and the unit provides opportunities to practice these spiritual traditions in sessions and in written work which will be available throughout.

Saturday mornings from 31 October - 14 November (3 sessions); 9.00am - 12.30pm

Wollaston Theological College, Mt Claremont

Cost: $120 for credit; $80 for audit

All units can be taken via in-person seminar, or fully online. To find out more or to apply, please contact Wollaston Theological College via email or call 9425 7270.

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