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A Novice’s
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A Novice’s View of Synod

Dr Christina Lee, Lay Canon St George’s Cathedral

I was most fortunate last year to attend the 2021 Synod; I had over the years heard a few people speak in somewhat disparaging terms of this important event in the Church’s year.

I was a rather last minute nominee as a member of the Cathedral Chapter. Due to my late involvement with Synod and my lack of knowledge I thought myself quite ill prepared to represent the Cathedral however I was determined to do my best. I was not adrift for long as I soon received encouragement and support from fellow participants. One wonderful lady at my table was a font of knowledge and most willing to advise and direct me when asked.

Those who know me will attest to the fact I am always keen to share my views and opinions, and, in some instances, I chide myself afterwards for not listening more intently to others. Attending Synod, I found myself listening eagerly throughout the proceedings. I was somewhat in awe of how the Archbishop facilitated the smooth running of the Synod. Everything went so smoothly there was no need for a Sunday session as all business had been completed by the Saturday evening.

The Eucharist held at the Cathedral on the Friday evening prior to the beginning of Synod was a time of communion. So many clergy and lay people gathered to worship.

The Cathedral for me is a special place and within the walls stories of the Anglican’s who have worshipped here and continue to do so have left their mark. Being a member of Synod 2021 spoke to me that at the heart of the whole event was the love of Christ and our determination to follow him in all that we do. The myriad of reports from all over the Diocese of Perth illustrate just how vibrant and active the Church’s ministry is and shines a light for all to see.

As a wee girl in Scotland one of my favourite hymns was ‘Jesus Bids Us Shine’. As I reflected on Synod and the writing of this short piece the words of the hymn came to mind. When we gather the light generated must be amazing as each of us contributes our ‘little candle’ to the whole.
I look forward in anticipation to this year’s Synod and being once again a part of this fellowship.

Image of the President's Address at the 2021 Synod, St George's Cathedral.

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