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A Fresh New Beginning
- New Hope

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Chris Oliver, Member, Anglican Children and Youth Ministries Commission

Sadly, with financial and full-time personnel constraints, the ACYM Management Committee has been preparing for a new phase in ministry for children and youth in our diocese. Be assured that each member of our committee is inspired and committed to the future of this ministry.

A recent think tank went back to the basics and asked ourselves the following questions. Why do we exist? If you were to establish ACYM today, why would you do it? What solutions are we being asked to provide? What solutions can we provide?

At an ACYM breakfast being proposed for committed delegates from parishes we will be looking for answers, solutions and ideas to the above questions. In the meantime we are asking parishes to consider and pray about thoughts and inspirations that may come to them.

To promote and encourage your thoughts, our committee has produced several opportunities for the future. Some of them include: Collaborating with agencies, between parishes, and with other denominations. Support parishes in navigating regulatory environments regarding youth activities and programs. Mentoring/coaching for clergy and parishes. Revisit our goals in view of the 5 marks of mission.

Among some problems identified include: Children and youth ministers/workers are difficult to find and parishes are generally unable to offer attractive job packages. Unclear whether our parish ministry model at a macro level is conducive to thriving children and youth ministry. Our committee has also proposed solutions considered/action arising from current problems identified. Some of these include: The team believes that ACYM should be represented at higher level discussion and decision-making bodies at which culture is shaped and macro planning is conducted; ACYM should fit into a holistic diocesan approach; the ACYM synod stall to have a method of starting to collect data about children and youth ministry.

So as we lead up to our ACYM breakfast we are asking parishes to ‘Please consider’ the above [also considering Julie’s questions in the February Messenger] and join us in the proclamation and dissemination of ‘the Gospel’ for children and youth in our diocese.

Thanks be to God.

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