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A lament
for Afghanistan

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A lament for Afghanistan

O God, we weep over Afghanistan,
over the decades of war,
over the cost in lives.
We weep over the waste, the destruction, the devastation.

We grieve for the dead and the displaced.
Our tears flow for the shattered hopes.
Our hearts confess Australia’s share
in the mistakes of the past
and the misery of the present.

Hear, O sovereign God,
as we cry out to you for the people of Afghanistan
and as they cry out to you for mercy.
Hear the cries of the children who have never known peace
but only war.

Hear the cries of the women who have begun to flourish
but now fear repression, rape and forced marriage.
Hear the cries of the men afraid for their families, their livelihoods,
their freedom to work and worship in safety.
Hear the cries of the refugees,
leaving everything in the land they love.

Hear them and help them, Lord of all the nations.
Hear and come close to them.
Hear and weep with them.
Hear and protect them with your love and wisdom.
Bring hope. Bring courage. Bring peace,
for you alone are a strong rock
in time of trouble.

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