Amana Living Corrina and client Joyce
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Stephanie Buckland Chief Executive Officer, Amana Living

I’m fortunate to work with more than 2000 individuals at Amana Living who are all committed to the same cause; providing what is needed so older people can lead fulfilling lives.

Every person at Amana Living contributes to this mission but in November we came together at our annual Staff Awards Ball to recognise the staff who go above and beyond.

Importantly, those staff come from across the organisation – representing home care, residential care, retirement living, corporate office, Amana Living Training Institute (ALTI) and Total Catering Solutions (TCS). Three winners emerged from hundreds of award nominations.

Corrina is a community support worker in our home care team. Corrina won an award for her quick thinking and excellent judgement. Corrina encouraged a vulnerable and isolated client with a swollen leg to seek help, taking her to an urgent care clinic for medical attention. She made sure the client got important antibiotics and follow-up care. Corinna’s actions potentially saved a life.

Celideth (Celi) is a carer at Frederick Guest Hostel at Bull Creek, nominated for providing crucial support to a grieving family. During this difficult time, Celi remained by the family’s side, offering comfort and reassurance to the impacted resident and her husband. This story underscores the trust that families place in Celi and the strong relationships she has forged with residents.

And finally, our accounts receivable team – Sandra, Deb and Kate. The team plays a critical role in client billing, plus they help residents and clients to understand aged care charges and navigate the system. They also provide support at pivotal moments, for example working with the likes of Services Australia and Medicare on behalf of residents and clients to help ease their financial and emotional stress.

In addition to our award winners, we also celebrated the scores of staff who have dedicated years of service to Amana Living. Kath from Hale Hostel has worked for Amana Living for 35 years. She initially joined as a cleaner at Lefroy Hostel in the 1980s before transferring to Hale Hostel when it opened in 1994. She’s now been an occupational therapy assistant for the past decade, bringing joy to countless residents.

As we approach the festive season, I’m giving thanks to the exceptional staff who work for Amana Living. They devote themselves tirelessly every day to care for others, willingly sacrificing their personal time with family and friends. Their actions truly embody the spirit of Christmas, characterised by selfless giving, caring and sharing.

Amana Living Corrina and client Joyce
Corrina and client Joyce
Amana Living Celi and resident Frederick Guest Hostel
Celi and resident from Frederick Guest Hostel
Amana Living Accounts Receivable team
Accounts Receivable team Sandra, Kate and Deb with Financial Controller Niv

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