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Give the gift of
companionship this Christmas

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Give the gift of companionship this Christmas

Stephanie Buckland, Chief Executive Officer

Can you imagine dying alone?
It is the reality of many older Australians who are faced with a lonely death.

This could be because they don’t have family or friends nearby, relationships have broken down, or other commitments make it difficult for someone to be with them 24 hours a day.

In 2020, not-for-profit aged care provider Amana Living introduced the No One Dies Alone Companion (NODAC) program. It was inspired by the No One Dies Alone program founded at Sacred Heart Medical Center in America.

The program involves volunteers providing companionship to an Amana Living resident at the end of their life. This is different for every resident, but it can include holding a conversation, reading to them, playing music, or giving comfort simply by being there.

NODAC volunteers provide support in three-hour blocks over a 24-hour period. The role complements the high-quality clinical and personal care delivered by Amana Living staff, ensuring there is always someone with the resident.

Amana Living needs more volunteers who want to support a person in their final moments by providing vital reassurance and human connection.

To become a NODAC volunteer, you need to have empathy, good communication skills, resilience, a willingness to commit to training, and your own mobile phone and transport. You also need to be able to commit to at least one, three-hour shift per month.

If you become a volunteer, you can select the care centre you visit and the time you have available. You’ll be fully supported by Amana Living’s NODAC Coordinator.

Kelly Frausin (pictured right) is a No One Dies Alone Companion (NODAC) volunteer. She joined the program because she wanted the opportunity to give back.

‘My grandmother had passed away and our family was with her the whole time,’ Kelly said. ‘After reading an article about the program, it made me realise that many aged care residents don’t get visitors and aren’t as lucky as my family. I decided the NODAC volunteer position would be a way for me to give back.’

Amana Living urgently needs NODAC volunteers to support residents at Wearne House in Mandurah, Parry Care Centre in Lesmurdie and Thomas Scott Hostel in Camillo. There are also opportunities available at other locations in Perth and Kalgoorlie.

Amana Living also welcomes people who would like to be a volunteer for other activities such as being a companion to residents who do not have visitors or family members able to support them.

Amana Living Kelly Frausin

If you’d like to give the gift of companionship this Christmas, contact Amana Living on 08 9424 6335 or
You can also visit for information on how to apply.

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