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National Volunteer Week

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Stephanie Buckland, Chief Executive Officer

National Volunteer Week, 15-21 May, is a time to recognise the contributions of the individuals who dedicate their time and energy to making a difference in the lives of others.

Our volunteers play a critical role in supporting Amana Living staff to deliver exceptional care and services to residents and clients, helping to realise our mission to support older people to lead fulfilling lives.

Their commitment and dedication light up the lives of our residents and clients in countless ways, from playing games and assisting with crafts to organising outings and visiting one-on-one. They also play a crucial role at the end of residents’ lives, providing companionship for those residents looking for comfort as they approach death.

It's these acts of kindness and generosity of time that make a huge difference and leave a lasting impression.

Amana Living has a long history of involving members of the community in the lives of our residents and clients. Just like the residents and clients we support, our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. Their reasons for getting involved vary too.

Our newest volunteers are part of the No One Dies Alone Companion Program. Volunteers like Jo and Steph who donate their time to spend with residents who are near the end of their lives.

Jo is a funeral celebrant and teacher who chose to volunteer for us after experiencing her parents’ deaths. She was with her mum when she passed away and believed everyone should have someone with them when they die.

Whereas Steph is a care worker who has seen first-hand what it’s like for aged care residents to be alone at the end because their family was unable to be there with them. She feels privileged to be able to support residents as they near death.
Jo - NODAC Volunteer
Steph - NODAC Volunteer

And then there’s Anthea who has spent 10 years visiting the residents at St George’s Care Centre. Anthea keeps coming back because of the smiles she gets from the residents as she gets them involved in weekly bingo game, and fulfilment from supporting those who need extra help. She tells us she goes home satisfied knowing she has done something good that day.

Every one of our volunteers is special because they are committed to making a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

As we take a moment to reflect on the importance of volunteers, we at Amana Living want to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who have selflessly given their time to the thousands of residents and clients we serve every day.

Published in Messenger May 2023

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