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Embracing the Gift of Time
by Volunteering

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Stephanie Buckland, Chief Executive Officer, Amana Living

The post-holiday period often gives us an opportunity to reflect on the gift of time. We’ve just spent Christmas with family and reconnected with friends, so we appreciate that the ability to spend meaningful time with others is one of life’s most precious gifts.

In aged care, the gift of time is one of the things we value most. Our staff form deep relationships with our residents and clients by spending time getting to know every individual, their history and stories. These connections are one of the most rewarding aspects of working in our sector.

This year, I invite you to give the gift of time to the elders in one of Amana Living’s care centres and day clubs. As members of the Anglican community, we are guided by a spirit of compassion and service and there is no better way to embody these principles than by offering time and companionship to older people.

Opportunities abound to make a positive impact. From engaging in heartfelt conversations and playing games to helping residents go on an outing or simply sharing a cup of tea, volunteers can bring joy into the lives of those who may otherwise feel isolated.

The act of volunteering is not just about the assistance you can provide; it is an exchange of stories, laughter, and understanding. It’s a chance to learn from the wisdom of those who have weathered life’s storms and emerged resilient.

It’s also a chance to improve your own mental health. The sense of fulfillment derived from making a difference in someone else’s life is immeasurable, enriching your own life as well as theirs.

In the spirit of community, we invite you to explore the opportunities to volunteer at Amana Living. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or dedicate a day each month, your presence will be warmly welcomed.

If you feel that volunteering is something you definitely would like to do, you can apply directly by going to Amana Living’s website, clicking on the Volunteer tab in the upper right hand corner and following the prompts. Volunteer Services will be in contact with you with the next steps to progress your application.

Make 2024 the year you embrace the gift of time, making new friends while developing new skills by volunteering in aged care.

Image: Amana Living Volunteer Christmas event 2023

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