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The Revd Chris Thomason, Chaplain

Happy Anniversary. Foyer Oxford is 10 years young.
On 22 February 2024 Anglicare WA celebrated Foyer Oxford turning 10.

Anglicare WA’s Foyer is part of the international Foyer movement and is founded on the idea that ending youth homelessness can be achieved through education, training and sustainable employment.

Foyer Oxford is the largest single-site homelessness service for young people in Australia. Since 2014, Foyer Oxford has supported over 780 young residents. It can house and support 98 young people, including 24 young parents and their children at any time.

The key to the model lies in the provision of stable accommodation for up to two years in a supported living environment. For young people who are unable to rely on family support, Foyer provides the time, personalised attention, mentoring, coaching and access to opportunities needed to lead fulfilling, independent and productive lives.

Foyer Oxford seeks to tap into the goals and ambitions of young people and nurture their talents while building skills for life. At heart, the Foyer model is based on the life-changing proposition that the most constructive thing we can do for young people facing challenges is to ensure they have secure accommodation, can access education, develop the skills they need for employment and have a sense of personal agency to build better lives and achieve genuine independence.

Foyers originated in France in the late nineteenth century. In French the term “foyer” can mean home, hearth or fireplace, and it can be used to describe establishments that offer accommodation to groups of people living under one roof.

One account involves it being used to house veterans who had nowhere else to go. Another describes it as student accommodation for young people going to universities far from their homes. Yet another describes it as cheap accommodation for young workers.

But our Foyer is modelled on the concept developed in the United Kingdom in 1992. A model developed to provide housing, support, and training, to develop the talents of young people at risk. This approach enables Foyers to drive long-term positive outcomes and impacts.

Foyers have proven so successful that there are now more than 1,000 projects worldwide: including Australia, Ireland, the United States, Romania, Netherlands and Germany.

Foyer Oxford works because of the “Foyer Deal”. The Deal is designed to prepare young people for the real world and the expectations associated with achieving and sustaining an independent livelihood. The Deal is a ‘something for something’ agreement that is enacted in all aspects of Foyer life. The Deal upholds the rights and responsibilities of both residents and Foyer staff, promoting a culture of mutual investment for mutual gain.

Foyer Oxford is only possible through the generosity of its Major Supporters and donations of people like you. You can help a young person by donating to Anglicare WA here.

Foyer Oxford is part of the International Foyer Movement. Foyers are integrated learning and accommodation settings for young people, typically aged 16-24 years, who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

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