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Anti-Poverty Week

11-17 October 2020

Email from Ian Carer AM, Chief Executive Officer, Melville Cares

Friends and colleagues

As most of you know I’ve been CEO at Melville Cares for a little over a year now and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

However, my ongoing passion for social justice still lingers and I am continuing my roles as Chair of the Anglican Social Responsibilities Commission and Co-Chair, with Professor Eileen Baldry, of National Anti-Poverty Week.

I am forwarding this email because next week is Anti-Poverty Week, and while COVID-19 has impacted us across Australia, we are still very much continuing the advocacy for the millions of people around the world and in Australia who are so massively impacted. Poverty and inequality is growing globally and in Australia.

The facts and figures you can see in the Newsletter highlights the stark reality and the impact of living in poverty and the impact it has on the physical and mental health of adults and children. We will be releasing videos and other material during the week and a number of significant Reports will also be released.

I would encourage you to read the Anti-Poverty Week Newsletter and also go onto the Anti-Poverty Week website, which is an excellent resource, and if you could use social media to push for major changes to our response to poverty in Australia.

A decision is still pending from the Federal Government on the new Jobseeker payment levels and we need investment in social housing. Follow the campaigns by using #APW2020 , #EverybodysHome ,@antipoverty week, and #Raisetherate.

Australians need to come together in these times to focus on the marginalised and those struggling to survive.
Many thanks

Ian Carter AM
Chief Executive Officer
Melville Cares Inc

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The Anglican Social Responsibilities Commission initiates and facilitates education which informs and supports social justice advocacy in the community and diocese.

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