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Penelope Russell, ASC Director of Teaching and Learning

What does a truly Anglican school look like? How is it different in its learning and teaching to any other school? Are not schools just about transferring knowledge?

The Anglican Schools Commission (ASC) is developing a system-wide ‘Vision for Learning’ in consultation with our teaching communities. The ASC Vision for Learning will serve as a unified compass for our school communities by articulating the attributes, qualities, and transferable skills we seek to embed in our learners.

The purpose of educational activity is always driven by a telos, a vision of what students can be.Our Anglican identity offers a unique angle on education. Academics and character development are undoubtedly important for the formation of students but the claim that it occurs best in the context of a Christian community is certainly a bold claim.

This is particularly so in Australia’s modern secular society in which many question the value, let alone the relevance, of Anglicanism to education.

We believe that the following attributes will best position our students to navigate and thrive through challenge and change and contribute to the success and strengthening of their communities: collaborative, purposeful, inquisitive, inclusive, courageous, and connected.

The characteristics we aim to embed in our learning community establish a common language around our commitment to the student as a whole person. They demonstrate that teaching and learning in an Anglican school extends beyond the transfer of knowledge.

The purpose of educational activity is always driven by a telos, a vision of what students can be. We will continue to work towards our ASC vision of creating learning experiences that expand hearts, minds and spirits, to empower learners for lives of meaning and purpose.

Published in Messenger June 2023

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