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It Only Takes One

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It Only Takes One

Tegan O’Rafferty, Community Education Officer

In 2020, Anglicare WA launched an important new initiative for schools which aims to raise awareness of critical social issues through provision of educational resources and content that span the students time in secondary education.

It Only Takes One, Anglicare WA’s community education initiative engages with teachers and high school aged students, providing a much-needed opportunity to safely explore cultural norms and attitudes during the critical teenage period of identity, value shaping and social development.

The name of the program stems from the idea that it only takes one person, one school, one community to make a positive difference in the world. At Anglicare WA, we believe that young people have the power to be the change that they want to see in the world and starting conversations about social issues and ideas that matter is the first step to achieving this.

The program delivers tailored educational content for years 7-12, featuring in class presentations delivered by Anglicare WA community educators, interactive online learning modules and a series of follow up learning activities, giving students the opportunity to explore the topic on a deeper level. Students also have the opportunity to undertake an advocacy project to engage and educate others in their community.

The program covers three topics:

  1. Healthy Relationships - The aim is for students to develop an understanding of respectful relationships; how to treat others and how others should treat you with the overall aim of preventing family and domestic violence.
  2. Poverty, Inequality and Homelessness - This module aims to increase awareness of poverty, inequality and homelessness and encourage young people to be active citizens in their communities to work for social justice.
  3. Well-being - This module aims to increase understanding of mental health and well-being, encourage young people to seek help when they need it, and increase compassion for those around them experiencing difficulties.

Since 2020, Anglicare WA has been working closely with The Anglican Schools Commission to deliver the It Only Takes One program. Currently, there are 11 Anglican Schools taking part with more than 10,000 students receiving It Only Takes One education over the past three years.

Anglicare WA It Only Takes One

You can learn more about the It Only Takes One program by contacting Tegan O’Rafferty, Community Education Officer

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