Book review: The Meaning is in
the Waiting, the Spirit of Advent

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Book review: The Meaning is in the Waiting, the Spirit of Advent

by Shirley Claughton

Whilst this book was first published a few years ago, it has been so well received that this new 2019 print run has just hit the bookshops. If you have not already discovered this treasure, fresh stocks have just arrived at St John’s Books. Paula Gooder’s Advent book is one of the most captivating and relevant books published.

Thoughtfully and meditatively, Paula invites the reader to explore the season’s central theme of waiting; something most of us are not good at! Here we consider what it means to be waiting, in the company of Biblical characters from the Old and New Testament.

Comprising four chapters (one for each week of Advent) each is packed with a creative and inspirational selection of biblical reflections, meditations, questions, and commentary. As each chapter in turn is split into six sections, we are fortunate that Paula also includes a “How to use this book” chapter which will be helpful both for group studies and people who just want to dip into this exciting and fulfilling book.

With insight, personal anecdotes and humour, Paula leads us through the themes of “Waiting” and in conclusion, prays with R S Thomas:

Prompt me, God:
But not yet. When I speak,
Though it be you who speak
Through me, something is lost.
The meaning is in the waiting.

Published in Messenger, December 2019

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