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A positive and inclusive student culture at Peter Carnley Anglican Community School (PCACS) is enhanced by cross year group activities and peer mentoring with a thriving Buddy Programme at the heart.

This programmes creates a sense of belonging amongst students, with younger students feeling supported and included, knowing they have an older student to turn to when they need assistance or advice. Older students learn how to be good mentors by providing guidance, motivation and encouragement to their younger peers.

PCACS’s Year 6 students at the Wellard Campus team up with the Year 1 students at the Early Learning Campus at Calista for the first half of the Semester. The aim of this partnership is to provide a smoother and less anxious transition for the Year 1 students as they move from the Calista Early Learning Campus. The Year 6s help the Year 1s to prepare and adjust to new routines, assist them to navigating the new School environment and encourage them to feel more at ease during the transition. The older students develop their leadership skills, encourage good behaviour and teach problem-solving skills to the younger students.

The Year 6 students consolidate their leadership skills by participating in The Year 6 Sleepover at the Calista Campus, after spending a day with their younger buddies. The Sleepover provides a focus for leadership and fosters independence in the student. It also brings the cohort together as a cohesive group, allowing them to interact with staff and peers in a different environment.

In their final year of Senior School the Year 12 students buddy with the Year 2 students at the Wellard Campus. This partnership is very rewarding for both Year groups. The Year 12 students grow their leadership skills, building empathy, resilience and responsibility whilst enhancing wellbeing.

Year 12 Coordinator Mrs Natascha Clark believes the Programme is having a profound effect on the Senior students:

‘The Year 12s provide a listening ear for the younger students through meaningful conversations and activities, always with a literacy or numeracy focus. A trip to Kwinana Adventure Park consolidates the relationships forged and the programme concludes when the Year 2s are involved in the exchange of Graduation gifts at the final Valedictory Ceremony.’

On Founders’ Day at PCACS, all students from Year 2 to Year 12 participate in collaborative group activities, forming friendships and connections across the House groups. Leadership skills are put to the test as Senior School students coordinate planned activities, encouraging collaboration and active participation across all year groups. For Founders’ Day in 2023, buddies spent time decorating a prayer jar and writing a collection of prayers together.

‘An inclusive and supportive student community is a signature of PCACS. The sense of belonging and engagement across year levels extends beyond the buddy programme, as it supports the social and emotional needs of each student as well as their overall wellbeing. Joy and delight is evident on buddy days, enhancing the wellbeing of all’.
Principal, Ms Felicity House.
Peter Carnley ACS Buddy Programme

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