Archbishop at confirmation for Heather Vivian and Caitlin St Nicolas Carine Duncraig June 2021

Celebration of

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Celebration of Confirmation at St Nicolas, Carine-Duncraig

Sometimes we are asked where is the good news of Jesus taking root and bearing fruit in people’s lives?

Almost every week in parish churches, schools, prisons and aged care residences people, both young and old, stand up to confirm their faith in Jesus. Many of them renew promises made at their baptism as they witness to the power and presence of God’s love in their lives and responding to God’s call in their lives - ‘I turn to Christ’.

A recent celebration of confirmation for Heather, Vivian and Caitlin was at St Nicolas, Carine-Duncraig.

Archbishop carine duncraig June 2021

St Nicolas, Duncraig

The parish of St Nicolas is an Anglican church in the broadly Catholic tradition.

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