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The sweet sounds of children playing, their laughter and joy echoing through the lush trees and bush landscape, it is a reminder of the healing and nurturing living environment Parkerville Children and Youth Care’s campus has come to be for the children and young people who reside in our care.

We understand the importance for each child and young person to feel supported and have a safe space where they can heal from their past experiences of mistreatment and abuse. Thanks to the generosity of supporters to our Christmas appeal last December, we have recently had the opportunity to provide a makeover for the outdoor play area at our campus which benefits the children and young people who live in our cottages.

As part of this exciting makeover, a big trampoline, large net swing and monkey bar set, and a stylish cubby house was installed, creating plenty of fun and new learning possibilities for children of all ages.

Three very special little girls who reside in the cottages took on the challenge to help make the new cubby house, named ‘The Little Hut’, a fun space for all the children. They painted, decorated and organised kitchen and shop equipment both inside and out to create a space where imaginations can flourish and creative minds grow.

Since completing the makeover, the children on campus have spent much of their time in the new outdoor space taking in the fresh air and the surrounds of nature. It is a space the children feel safe to build connections with one another and their carers, and is a blossoming environment for the children to learn in.

Published in Messenger May 2023

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