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Parish of Dianella:
Celebrating All Saints Day

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Celebrating All Saints Day

The practices of commemorating the saints, taking courage from their example and asking them to pray for us, are evident in Christian literature from as early as the third century.

What has become the great Christian tradition of celebrating All Saints’ Day (1 November) is an opportunity to enter ‘liminal space’ where the boundaries between heaven and earth, the living and the dead, the temporal and the eternal become blurred, and we know ourselves to be part of a vast reality beyond our own small existence.

At All Saints Church, Dianella, we made the most of that opportunity on Sunday 3 November as we celebrated All Saints’ Day with the whole community, led by Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy.

The presence of the Archbishop grounded us in our diocesan identity, but the diversity of people (age, gender and ethnicity) involved in the worship, was a living icon of the great global family of Christ.

The life-size cross outside the church had a massive All Saints makeover, the church was full, parking was chaotic, a great team effort produced uplifting worship and there was enough food to feed the great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1).

Bring on Advent!

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All Saints, Dianella

In the Parish of Dianella we strive to know God in all we do, in all we are, and in all we are to become. This Parish exists for the glory of God through our worship and our care of God’s people.

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