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An Update on the
Diocesan App

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Fr Grahame Bowland Digital Mission Project Officer

The Diocesan App has been live for three months, and in that time several hundred people have made use of it on their phones and tablets. Thanks to you all, and particularly to those who participated in the Lenten study offered in the App, and those who have sent feedback and suggestions.

The intention is that the app will become a point of connection for the Diocese: a place of ‘digital gathering.’ From that perspective the Lenten study was a great success. The coordinating team, led by Julie Ward (of ACYM), received reflections from people and groups spanning the whole breadth of the Diocese: from Quinns-Butler in the north, to Esperance in the south-east, and elsewhere in-between. The depth of the material offered to us has been truly moving. If you haven’t already, open up the app, tap on ‘Lenten Study’, and then on ‘Lent 5’, and take a few minutes to consider the poetry, prose and artwork contributed by those who engaged with the study.

The app now includes reflections on the appointed Holy Communion readings for each Sunday. These will be made available on Tuesday of each week, produced by the clergy. I hope they will be of encouragement to all of us, and will be of particular help those ministering in rural and remote areas without regular clergy.

In late April I presented the app at the rural gathering in Wongan Hills, at the kind invitation of Archdeacon Kathy Barrett-Lennard. It was met with enthusiasm, and quite a few suggestions were offered for future directions. I’m grateful for that engagement – it’s how we turn the app into a going concern that enables the mission and ministry of the Diocese.

Please keep your suggestions coming: either send them through the app (under the ‘About’ page), or email

Diocesan App May 2024
Published in Messenger May 2024

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